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You'll love riding an e-bike!

  • Never meet a hill you can't climb
  • Keep up with your friends
  • Run errands without your car
  • Low impact exercise
  • Enjoy fresh air with less hassle
  • Ride more often and feel like a kid again!

Already own an e-bike?

To keep your bike in top condition there are a couple of things every rider should do as they often go unnoticed due to the assistance the bicycle provides.

  • Pump up your tires every 2 weeks to proper air pressure (located on the sidewall of your tire.)
  • Lubricate your chain once a month or whenever it looks dry.

We recommend that you bring your electric bike in for a tuneup at least once every year to ensure it’s safe and running smoothly. The best time to bring it in is before you put it away for the winter season. (Take advantage of our quick turnaround times from November-January!)

Other Tips

Protect your investment by choosing a strong, secure lock such as a U-lock. 

Store your bike inside when possible and avoid leaving it unattended or unlocked. It’s also wise to register your bike and keep track of the serial number. (Trek, Electra, and Specialized all offer bike registration on their websites.)

Don’t forget to remove your battery and bring it inside with you after you lock up your bike. You can plug it in so it’s recharged and ready for the ride home.

If you do not need to have your battery charged up to 100% for every ride- it's actually better on the battery if it's not charged up over 80% on a regular basis. It's fine to charge it up to 100%, but make sure you'll be riding the bike soon after and not storing it fully charged for several weeks. That can be hard on the battery.

Extreme heat and extreme cold are hard on the bike battery, so if temperatures are going to be very hot or freezing and below, it's best to store the bike battery inside in a temperature controlled environment. Some bikes are not built with removable batteries, and in that instance it is best to bring the whole bike inside.

For winter storage, if you are not riding the bike, it is best to have the battery discharged down to 40-60%
The battery should not be stored at 100% charge.

Hauling your e-bike

Electric bikes typically weigh more than standard bikes so it’s critical that you have a strong and trustworthy rack to transport your bike safely. Check out the maximum weight limit when you’re considering your options to ensure the car rack you choose will suit your needs.

Platform racks are ideal for electric bikes because they have a lower height which makes it easy for you to secure your bike. Stop in and we can show you the different rack options we have in stock and help you choose what rack will work best for you!