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It's Tune-Up Time!

Bring your bike in now through February for fast turnaround!

You'll be able your bike for a spin on that first beautiful spring day instead of bringing it in to get serviced.

Closed for Vacation

Josie and Travis taking a trip to hit up some mountain biking in Arizona and for some R & R!
The shop will be closed from Thursday, November 7th through Thursday, November 14th.
Thanks for understanding!

Meet the Electra Townie Go! 7D

The Electra Townie Go! 7D is a great-quality pedal assist e-bike that sells for less than $1,500!!! E-bikes are a great way for more folks to get exercise, lessen car use, and enjoy the outdoors. Use the assist when you need an extra boost on the hills, turn it off when it's easy rolling. Find out for yourself why pedal assist e-bikes are becoming so popular!

E-Bike Testimonials

We've had some folks share their personal experiences with Electric Assist Bikes (E-Bikes)!
Click below to check them out, and stop in to see for yourself how fun and liberating these bikes can make you feel! We can provide free e-bike experience tours or you can rent one for a longer ride!

Did You Know?

You can rent-to-own a pedal-assist E-Bike from Decorah Bicycles!
It's $350 a month and you can use 100% of your rental dollars off the purchase of any bike within 30 days of returning the bike!

Trainer Season!

We'll have the yellow CycleOps Fluid indoor trainer for $199.99 and the Fluid 2 Smart Equipped trainer for $349.99.

Easy to set up, easy to use, and both will help you keep your legs spinning during rainy days.

Interested in a different CycleOps trainer? No problem! We can order them in for you and there is potential of receiving it next day!

Bike Rental Available!

Decorah has great riding options available: Trout Run Trail, Mountain Bike Trails, and more! Didn't bring a bike? No problem! We have a great selection of bicycles available for rent that will suit whatever surface you are looking to ride. 

Events & Closures

We do our best to be here for you when you need us all-year-round, but every now and again we'll take an extra day off (or maybe a vacation!) This page is where you will find our holiday hours and planned closures.

Fearless Women of Dirt

Fearless Women of Dirt is a Midwest Women's Mountain Biking Group open to all abilities.

About Us

We are a full-service bike shop located in Decorah, Iowa.
We believe in the power of the bicycle!