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Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sundays: 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays

Hollywood Destination E Bike Rack Recall

The assembly which attaches the rear clamping frame to the horizontal base  can shear, possibly allowing the bicycle(s) to be dragged behind the  vehicle or detach from the vehicle potentially leading to a vehicle  accident, an injury to a person, and/or damage to the bicycle(s).

If one of the two Cam-levers ceases to function or tighten, then it has failed and you should immediately stop using it.

To get your free repair kit, click "Learn More" and follow the instructions. We do not have these replacement parts in stock.

Serial Number Location

The serial number for your Hollywood Destination E bike rack is located on the angled piece of steel that rises up from the main tongue that inserts into your receiver hitch.

Please be aware we do not have these replacement parts in stock. One must fill out the form to receive their repair kit.

Link for registering your rack to receive repair kit

Winter Rental Updates

We are in the process of updating our rental rates for our winter equipment (Skis, Skates,  and Snowshoes). There will be changes in cost as well as length of time the rental can be out for. Ultimately we feel these changes will make things easier for everyone and eliminate or greatly reduce late returns. 

Please know that the current rental rates listed under our Winter Equipment tab will not be entirely correct and will change at some point in the coming months.

Helpful Tips To Get You Back Riding ASAP

Bicycling in the Midwest is in high demand on a seasonal basis- especially during the months of March-September. Folks wanting the quickest service need to consider the following:

The fall and winter months (October-January) are great months to bring your bike in for tune-ups/service! During the busy season, one should expect a wait to get their bike(s) back. It may be several days to a couple weeks depending on the time of year. We ask that folks please pick up their bikes as soon as possible after being contacted that their bike is ready to go.

The more challenging or involved the service job is, particularly if they require hard-to-get parts (especially with older bicycles) may equate to longer turnaround times. This is out of our control and we ask for patience if this situation happens.

All tune-ups are done first-come/first-served - We do not schedule service appointments. We do not promise same-day service for any tune-ups under any circumstance.

If at all possible, plan ahead and bring your bike in well before your race/event week or the weekend. (Especially if you have put a lot of miles on your current drivetrain.) Please keep this in mind if you plan to do the big bike ride across Iowa- we get an influx of service work with hope of a short turnaround time the week before that event. It's never a great idea to bring your bike in last minute as we may need additional time to order replacement parts if needed.

Keep in mind that during the spring and summer seasons: good weather = crazy busy! We try to knock out simple fixes on the spot, but it might be something that you have to pick up later in the day. Depending on customer flow (especially on weekends) we cannot guarantee work being done on the spot without interruptions during the busy season.

Please read!

We wanted to take some time to address some rumors we've recently heard. Sometimes our messages get misinterpreted as permanent or taken out of context. PLEASE READ the entire post! 

#1. We DO service most makes and models of bike shop quality non-electric bicycles. We do reserve the right to refuse to work on a bicycle if we deem that it would not be cost-effective, safe, and/or if it's not something that we feel falls within our wheelhouse of expertise or quality standards. 
This includes bicycles purchased from department stores.

#2. We DO service electric assist bikes, however, they must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

A.  If your ebike was purchased here, we WILL work on it.  WE SERVICE ANY EBIKE WE SELL.

B.  If your ebike was NOT purchased from us, but it IS a brand that we sell, we WILL work on it.   This includes Trek, Specialized, Electra, and Batch.

C.  If your ebike has a Bosch electric system, no matter the brand of the ebike, we WILL work on it.

If your e-bike doesn't meet any of these qualifications we will try to recommend a shop that may work on your bike.

#3. We might post on our Facebook/Instagram/Website if we are needing to TEMPORARILY limit or pause our intake of service work. We do this so we have an opportunity to catch up if we are becoming overloaded during the beginning of the main cycling season. Truth be told, we can only store so many bicycles at one time! Once we are caught up, we will publish a post letting folks know that we are accepting service work again. Somehow, past posts have been misinterpreted and folks think we no longer service bicycles anymore.

#4. We accept service work ALL YEAR ROUND!
Please note that we've always encouraged folks to bring bicycles in for service at the END of their riding season. The BEST time to get your bike serviced quickly is any time between October-January. If you are one that likes to have their bicycle serviced before the riding season starts, bring your bicycle in at the END of your riding season. That way we can work on it when you don't need it AND it's ready for the start of your riding season in the spring!

In the spring/summer season we are super busy and you WILL experience much longer turnaround times. This will never change.

We hope this clarifies a few things, and we encourage folks to reach out if there are any questions! Thank you so much for your continued support in helping to sustain your locally-owned, independent bike shop!

Travis & Josie

Bike Rentals

We rent electric, pedal-assist bicycles for riding the Trout Run Trail or around town. 
You can view our rental offerings/rates by clicking the link below!

- Click here to view our current rental offerings and rates 

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From paved trails to mountain bike trails, Decorah has it all! Learn about the different areas you can ride in Winneshiek County.

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Explore Decorah by bike! We have a great selection of bikes to meet your needs so you can have an enjoyable time seeing the sights of the Trout Run Trail, mountain bike trails, and more!

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