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Looking for a new bike? Read this!

If you are looking for a new bike for this next season, be prepared for some challenges and wait times. Unfortunately, the demand for new bikes outweighs the supply, and this will probably continue into 2021. At this moment, the bikes we have in our shop are the bikes we have, the rest are on back order with ETAs all over the place. Some might be in by January, might be arriving in the spring, summer, or next fall- we've even seen ETAs stating 2022! 

If you are hoping for a new bike, we absolutely want to help you, but there might take some wait time if we don't have what you're looking for in stock. The best way to find out what we have for inventory is to stop in, give us a call, or send us an email or Facebook/Instagram message! We can discuss with you what inventory we have that might meet your needs, and we can also go over the bikes we have on back order. If there is a bike we have on back order that you wish to purchase, we'll take your name and phone number down so you are first in line for that bike when it comes in and we build it up. This way you have a great chance of snagging a new bike for the riding season!

Bike Inventory Online

To view bikes from our brands, we recommend visiting their pages: Trek Bikes and Specialized Bikes. At this time we will not have our online bicycle catalog available to eliminate confusion of what bikes we have in store.

We are regularly posting new bicycles and products online on our Instagram and Facebook page. If you are curious on what we have in stock, give us a follow on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop, however the best way to find out our exact inventory is to give us a call, email, message, or stop in!

Learn about the new Stumpjumper!

Singletrack Flow Finder. Short-travel trail bikes have long cornered the market on lightweight and snappy climbing, but also often fall short when it comes to suspension performance and big terrain capability. The new Stumpjumper tears up that old script — we’ve never made an all-round trail bike this light, efficient, AND capable. The new Stumpy brings a telepathic, magic carpet quality to your ride. It’s planted and weightless at the same time. Stable, yet nimble.

Winter Rentals

We will have XC skis, snowshoes, and ice/hockey skates available for rent this winter. We have adult and child sizes available for XC skis, snowshoes, and ice/hockey skates!
Unfortunately, we will not have fatbike rental available this winter season.
As with our bike rentals, there are no reservations for winter equipment rental- they are all first come-first serve. Winter rental rates can be found here.

Heads Up for 2021

Travis and Josie are going to be on vacation from September 26th-October 5th 2021 for some time to rest, relax, and reset! We want to get these dates out ASAP so folks have time to plan ahead. If in the event that something changes with the dates, we will post updates here. 

Stay In The Know!

Ski Waxing and Skate Sharpening

We offer ski waxing and ice skate/hockey skate sharpening! 

Our Service Options

During this challenging time, bikes can be a clean transportation alternative, a healthy stress-reducing activity, and a fun way to spend time with family outside. Check out our service packages to see which one might meet your needs best!

Explore Decorah By Bike

From paved trails to mountain bike trails, Decorah has it all! Learn about the different areas you can ride in Winneshiek County.

Bike Rental

Explore Decorah by bike! We have a great selection of bikes to meet your needs so you can have an enjoyable time seeing the sights of the Trout Run Trail, mountain bike trails, and more!