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Learn About Helmets

One of the most common accessories we sell someone after they purchase a bike is a helmet. At Decorah Bicycles we place value on helmets and we also wear what we sell! For us, helmets are an important safety accessory that we feel can save lives or decrease the severity of injury.

All of our helmets offer the protection you need and are tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This means that they will do the job they are intended to do, which is protect your head!

When purchasing a helmet there are several things to consider, on of which is what kind of riding you do. You will typically see helmets on the wall that have visors (removeable) or are available without visors at all.

Visor helmets are ideal for those who are not in a forward position on the bike (think road biking.) The visor adds extra sun protection for your eyes by reducing glare. Also? It helps with preventing sunburn on your face!
When mountain biking the visor can keep the bright sunbeams from obstructing your view, as well as knocking away branches that might hit your face as you ride more narrow trails.

If you are riding a road bike you will want a helmet that does not have a visor or purchase one that has a removable visor. The visor could obstruct your view of the road ahead and/or it could make you bend your neck at an uncomfortable angle to see "above" the visor, which isn't ideal for proper body position.

Many helmets come with visors that can be easily removed, you can even find helmets with bold-on visors. Bolt-on visors are durable and extremely solid; you do not have to worry about an impact making your visor pop off the helmet.

Helmets are not only made to keep your head safe, but to keep your head cool while riding! Ventilation will keep you from heating up on hot days. You can also choose colors that are lighter vs. darker to keep heat absorption minimized.
Helmets with high-visibility colors to keep you even safer on the roads. Bright colors equal more visibility for other riders, pedestrians, and drivers to see you by.

While we are on the topic of helmets, did you know that we also have winter helmets available for purchase? Winter helmets are a great investment for those who love to recreate on bikes during the winter months or commute during the cold seasons. They provide you with excellent protection as well as have additional features such as ear pads and vents you can open/close.

When looking at the cost of helmets, you will find the more expensive ones to feel lighter as they sit on your head as well as have more ventilation to keep you cooler. In no way does this decrease the safety of the helmet, but it will increase your comfort, especially on long rides.

There are also other benefits, such as being able to get a helmet that is more customizable in sizing. Some price points will have a general fit  within a certain inches/cm range. More expensive helmets will have more options featured in Small, Medium, and Large ranges.
Also? More of the polystyrene may be covered by the hard shell of the helmet, which helps the helmet stand up to daily wear and tear.

Adjusting the helmet for proper fit is simpler and easier than ever before! If you have had struggles with getting a helmet to fit properly, stop on in and take a look at the helmets we offer. More often than not you will only need to adjust the chin strap and the retention device. Several helmets are coming with the ear straps already pre-set so you simply just need to make sure the ear rests within the V of the straps. The retention device is a simple dial that you can turn clockwise or counter to tighten or loosen. This also aids in customizing the fit of your helmet and eliminates any excess looseness.

There are several brands and styles of helmets to choose from, the best option is to come on in and try them on for yourself as some find different brands/styles fit differently.

Helmet placement is crucial. You do not want the helmet too far off your forehead, too low on your forehead, or backwards. You want the helmet to sit squarely on your head, ear straps comfortably placed around your ears, and the chin strap adjusted so 1/2 fingers can fit.
You want the helmet to fit snugly and not be easily moved around your head.

We are more than happy to assist you with any questions on helmets and how they should fit!

The average lifespan of a helmet is 5 years, this is not taking into account of any accidents that directly had impact on your helmet. If you have had a bike accident where you had helmet impact or if it is over 5 years- you should replace your helmet. Especially if you see any damage to the outer or inner shell.
The cost of a $40.00 helmet winds up to being 2 cents a day over the 5 year lifespan. A helmet is the least expensive life insurance you can buy!

We have an assortment of helmets for men, women, and children. If there is a style of helmet you are looking for, ask to see if we can order it in for you. Simple!

We're your local bike shop pros. Family minded and safety conscious. 

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