Essential Bike Accessories

Below is a list of commonly purchased accessories
Click each accessory for more information.
*in-store offerings may differ. Ask if we can order in for you!

Helmet CO2/Frame Pump
Lights Chain Lube
Floor Pump Tire Levers
Seat Pack Electronics
(Computer/Phone Holder)
Water Bottle Water Bottle Cage
Padded Shorts Jersey
Fenders Bike Rack
Spare Tube Lock

Additional accessories to consider

Car Rack Multi-Tool

Chamois Cream
*Visit store for options


*Visit store for options

Basic Cycling Checklist

First time riding in a while? Our basic gear list can keep you from forgetting anything important. Not all cyclists will carry every item on every outing.

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The Two Essentials

Core Gear

Water (hydration pack; bottle with cage)

Snacks/energy food


First-aid kit (see our First-Aid Checklist)

Eye protection (sunglasses, clear lenses)

Medical info/emergency contact card

Core Bike Repair Items

Spare tube or tubes (and/or patch kit)


Tire levers

Cycling multi-tool with Allen wrenches

Comfort and Convenience

Padded shorts or tights

Wicking jersey or top


Saddle (underseat) bag

Patch kit (and/or spare tube or tubes)


Watch or cycling computer

Cell phone

Cash and/or credit card

Map (if in unfamiliar area)