Josie's Bike Life

Josie's Bike Life (formally Life on Two Wheels) was started by Josie as she sought inspiration for tackling our awesome mountain bike trails. She came up with the idea for interviewing other women, and thus begain her mission to seek out inspiration for all riders.

Her blog not only hosts fantastic interviews of women (and men) from all over, but she is also featuring posts based on her new job at the bike shop. You'll have an inside look as she learns all there is to know about shop life.

You can also find helpful product reviews as well!

Fearless Women of Dirt

Fearless Women of Dirt welcomes all riders, those who have been riding trails for years and those who are looking for a place to start.

Fearless Women of Dirt wants to be a place where any female rider can feel welcomed.
Fearless Women of Dirt strives to keep mountain biking fun.
Fearless Women of Dirt is a group that encourages and supports all riders.

So what if the name feels like something you "can't" fearless. FWD is something we all do on a daily- we move forward. Forward in life and forward on the bike.