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Baggy Shorts

When it comes to padded shorts, baggy shorts offer a great option for those seeking a more casual look. Baggy shorts give you the comfort and functionality of padded lycra shorts, but give you more of a relaxed look. These are the shorts of choice for many new to cycling who are not comfortable wearing clothing that is more next-to-skin.

You will see those involved with the mountain bike scene wearing baggy shorts. (Tho some do wear lycra shorts.) Baggy shorts offer some additional coverage and protection against branches and other debris that could potentially scratch legs or create holes in lycra shorts.

You can find baggies that have a liner short included, but it is not uncommon for some baggy shorts to come without a liner. This is so you can purchase a liner short that is comfortable for you or wear lycra shorts underneath. You want your liner shorts to fit comfortably without being too loose or bulky. You also want a chamois that is comfortable for the kind of riding you are doing.

Some things to consider when purchasing baggy shorts are how they are constructed. You can find baggies that are made with more durable fabric designed to withstand falls on the trails. The fabric will feel a bit thicker with these shorts and they may not feel as breathable. On the upside, they may have some water resistance. Other shorts are designed to be light and breathable with their primary focus on keeping you cool as you're out biking on hot summer days. They still have protective properties, jbut more cooling ability and less moisture resistance.

When purchasing a pair of baggies some points to focus on are:

Gusseted crotch- eliminates seams that could snag as you move around on the seat.

Waist adjustment- often times people are between sizes. Knowing a pair of shorts can have some ability to be adjusted in the waist is crucial for a comfortable fit. Sometimes it may be from a drawstring, other times there may be velcro tabs that allow you to tighten to a perfect fit.

Pockets- keep in mind how much you will use your pockets and what you will store in them. Some shorts have velcro closures for their pockets while others will have zipper closures. This is a feature to be aware of when investing in a pair of shorts.

Vents- some shorts will offer vents that you can zip open/close to help keep you comfortable.
fly- some shorts will have a zippered fly, some velcro, and others just an elastic band.

Investing in pair of baggy shorts is a personal choice with several things to consider. We offer a couple different styles at our store and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Keep in mind, you an inquire on special ordering shorts as well. We do have availability of ordering in some other brands/styles that we do not carry in store!


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